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          Why the value of domains increases over time

          There are millions of combinations of domain names you can register today for very little cost. While you may be tempted to cut corners with your domain purchase, remember that the quality of a domain is the same as with everything else: you get what you pay for.

          What's wrong with simply registering a new domain? While the price might be attractive, newly registered domains tend to be longer; some have dashes and many will require awkwardly truncated or abbreviated names. New domain registrations typically make little sense, as all the good .com domains were purchased many years ago.

          While you may or may not have many choices of gTLD (generic top-level domains) such as .net, .biz, .info, .us, and .co, typically the exact .com domain that you're looking for is rarely available.

          Even more – it's rare that your perfect domain is for sale at a reasonable price. As .com domains become scarcer, people are more willing than ever to acquire the ideal name, making premium domains more valuable.

          The purpose of a domain is to enable your visitors to easily find your site and then return on a regular basis. A strong web presence is a vitally important business asset.

          Premium domain names are an asset

          So what exactly is a "premium" domain? Premium domains are easy to type. They are memorable, they likely describe your product or service offering succinctly, or the name is simply unique, unusual, and brandable.

          Your name can be used several different ways. Furthermore, if you are purchasing a purchasing a .com domain, you are buying the gold standard of domain names.

          As with other assets, an investment in a premium domain name will likely increase over time.

          The law of supply and demand is stacked in favor of the .com

          In today's Internet economy, there are hundreds of millions of domain names in commercial use. While this number will increase as additional gTLD extensions are added, the number of premium .com domains will remain finite.

          Additionally, with the acceleration of social networking, internet media, advances in mobile telephone technology, and an unprecedented level of global connectivity, the demand for valuable .com domains has continued to exceed the available supply. From this perspective alone, your premium domain investment will serve you well.

          As one of our customers put it, the ".com is and always will be the equivalent of a beach front property."

          One final consideration

          Peggy Lee of Emory University published a study in the Strategic Management Journal (2001) in which she was able to show a direct correlation between the steady growth of a company's stock price or book value once they acquired a premium .com domain and added the suffix to their business or product name.

          Virtually every domain for sale on HugeDomains.com has this type of value. Years ago you would not have known about Microsoft, YouTube, Yahoo, Google, or FaceBook. But each of these companies built a brand. If building a brand is important, we are here to make your first step as easy as possible.